Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Oxford Acquisitions is a privately owned and totally independent property investment group. Oxford Acquisitions works solely on your behalf, locating and acquiring the best properties on the most favorable terms possible.

Why use a buying agent?

While every client’s needs are different, the reasons for choosing a search agent are often very similar. We save you time; reducing complexity as well as effort and cost, whilst helping you to make decisions with the very best information and market intelligence to hand. Selling agents favor Oxford Acquisitions clients, in the knowledge that they are committed buyers with a professional representation. We pride ourselves on patience, lateral thinking, as well as offering perspective and clarity to decision making.

Do you negotiate and manage the process on my behalf?

Yes we do. We aim to offer you a complete property search service. Once a suitable property investment has been found we undertake the negotiations on your behalf. The service continues through to the exchange of contracts, up to and including the completion of the purchase.

Can you guarantee complete confidentiality?

Yes we can. Oxford Acquisitions will ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity throughout the process.

Where do you operate?

The location where we do the search and the analysis is determined by our clients, you tell us what you are looking for and where and we will investigate and present to you a due diligence report.

Oxford Acquisitions

Registered Office:
Prama House, 267 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7HT, England, United Kingdom